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25 Reasons For Buying and Investing in Portugal Property

Quickly becoming the preferred choice of retirement you could be forgiven into thinking it’s all about long games of golf, lazy strolls on the beach and larges glasses of Port. As a starter that’s not bad but there’s much more to Portugal than most people first realise.

1. Excellent Tax advantages. As well as the Non-habitual tax regime, there is no inheritance or gift tax and no wealth tax in Portugal

2. China Three Gorges Corp signed a deal with Portuguese power giant Energias de Portugal (EDP) and bought a 21.35 percent of its stake at around 2.69 billion euros ($3.48 billion). Apart from the money invested in the shares, the financial package comprises 8.7 billion euros ($11.26 billion) in investments.

3. The golf phenomenon refuses to slow and a huge incentive by the government to reduce VAT on national green fees. The latest is the Laranjal course which is an example of commitment and new high standards. The old and established Penina course was awarded by IAGTO the European Golf Resort Destination of the Year.

4. The Algarve was voted Europe’s No.1 beach destination 2017 at the World Travel Awards.

5. It’s a Secret – This country is still not on the radar for many people making it underpopulated, have steady demand and you feel a part of something special.

6. Strict planning permissions that secure the natural beauty and limit the supply of new properties – keeping demand high. For example Quinta do Lago as part of the UNESCO Ria Formosa bird sanctuary, there is a strict 8% building restriction. This, combined with excellent facilities for the entire family, will help to ensure that the area will continue to be a unique destination and your investments prosper.

7. The country is politically stable, has no terrorism and no mafias! Appeals to all types of clients and there is an increasing demand for properties and rentals, both holiday, long term and “Winter Lets”.

8. Great Properties with Low prices for high quality & high rental returns. According to statistic expected gross rental yields in Portugal are among the highest in Europe, from 5% to 14% is achievable from the right property.

9. Use your apartment when it’s not being rented. Rental yield on average still remains one of the highest in Europe with properties being rented for many months of the year.

10. Cultural Richness. One of the oldest and richest cultures in Europe and the legacy of its former wealth and power can be seen in its historical sites. Among the sites inscribed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO, 13 are located in Portugal.

11. With flight times of less than three hours, a great choice of airports and low cost airlines, the whole of Portugal is close, easy to reach and affordable. With flight times not more than a few hours from most of Western Europe, an abundance of airports and low cost airlines.

12. The Portuguese are some of our oldest allies. They are warm, friendly and welcoming whether you are on holiday or a new neighbour.

13. Protection from the sun yes, but we really mean the security that Portugal offers. One of the lowest crime rates in Europe and the capital was recently voted the safest Europe.

14. Over 90 Golf Courses are available or under construction! Add to this every type of water sport, horse riding, football and even skiing in the north and there won’t be time to lie on the beach.

15. The joy of speaking Portuguese (and being understood) is something for everyone to try but when it comes to legal issues or health or just a beer, it’s nice to be able to communicate in your mother tongue.

16. You’ll be pleased to know the price of food and drink remains incredibly low and a 3-course meal can be less than €10/£7.

17. Running costs (gas, water and electric) together with public transport costs are almost a pleasure to pay! Utilities are relatively cheap compared to most other European countries.

18. Prevention is better than cure and with the warm climate and clean air it’s no surprise the doctor’s prescription often leads to a holiday here. If that’s not enough the healthcare here is top class with many affordable private schemes available. For example health care funding per capita 5th of 25 countries in Europe, WHO.

19. Based on the prices in the UK, Ireland, Paris, Spain, France, it’s nice to know that the prices of property in Portugal are still very affordable and allow the options of downsizing to release equity.

20. The combination of hot summers cooled by the Atlantic breezes and warm winter days make the climate unbeatable. Rain keeps the country green but with short heavy bursts it’s rare for it to be grey for too long. And it’s never dull!

21. With three main airports and new motorways spanning north to south and east to west it’s easy to navigate and the roads are incredibly un-congested – even in summer. Public transport by road or rail is frequent, safe and very affordable for those not wanting to drive.

22. It’s a beautiful country and the Government are keeping it that way with strict planning regulations. That keeps the long beaches, countryside and wonderful pine forests free for us to value and enjoy. Portugal has one of the lowest population to land densities in Europe.

23. With the Atlantic on its doorstep and some of the best growing conditions in the world its clear some of the best fish and meat dishes can be enjoyed here at remarkable prices. With the increasingly popular red, white and ‘Vinho Verde’ wines you won’t be rushing dinner times!

24. World Class Vineyards & Restaurant – Exploring the vineyards and the local cuisine of “Tascas” to the upmarket restaurants of Portugal, you are guaranteed a delicious and truly fascinating journey.

25. The Golden Visa – It seems experts and clients alike share a common belief that Portugal’s Golden Visa Scheme is outstanding in terms of the conditions required, the qualifying period in the new country and the quality of life provided. Since the scheme began in 2012, the Portuguese government has issued a total of 5,717 investors and 9,559 family members approved up to the end of January 2018, the recently released statistics show that the total investment brought by the programme continues to grow every month and by the end of January had passed €3.5 Billion Euro.

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